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Welcome to the Product Page for Pool Control for Pentair Intelliflo

About this product

Pool Control for Pentair Intelliflo® is designed to connect your Pentair Intelliflo® variable speed pool pumps to your network and provide a remote control interface over the web and through various dedicated apps and/or home automation systems.

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Disclaimer: All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners. This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. or its affiliates in any way.


Physical Dimensions

Hardware Model XN200: Length: 5.1 inches, Width: 4.75 inches, Height: 1.5 inches


Please choose the right firmware for your device model.

Pool Control (PC100IF)

Current software version: 1.0.0

See forum for details & discussion: Visit Forum


Feature Specific Firmwares

Coming soon...

Firmware updates should only be applied over a local network connection. If the firmware update times out on the first attempt, try it again and do not reboot the device.

Note: Firmware updates require the Java runtime available here: http://www.java.com/en/download


Installation Guide

Please follow the instructions and labeling included with your device.

Installation Notes

Autelis Pool Control is compatible with Pentair Intelliflo® pumps.

This product is designed for indoor installation and the enclosure supplied is not waterproof.

If your system wiring is vulnerable to power surges caused by lightning strikes then installing a lightning isolation device is recommended. Damage due to lightning surges is not covered under the product warranty.

Connection to Intelliflo® Pumps

Autelis Pool Control interfaces directly to your existing pumps and does not require any additional interface or protocol adapters. Installation requires connection to the 2-wire equipment bus on your Pentair Intelliflo® pumps. This 2-wire bus requires the Pentair Intelliflo® communication cable. Please refer to the installation manual for your Intelliflo® pump for more information on connecting the communication cable and be sure to follow all safety procedures described therein. Once you have familiarized yourself with the Intelliflo® hardware, follow the diagram on the label on your device to match the terminals on the connector with the correct bus wires which are designated by color (Yellow, Green). NOTE: It is important to make sure your communication cable is properly seated at the pump for a reliable connection.

Connection to Chlorinator

This feature is in development. Contact customer service for more information. Autelis Pool Control interfaces directly to a chlorinator using the same 2-wire bus used to connect to your pumps. Follow the instructions supplied with your chlorinator for connecting to a Pentair control system. The Yellow and Green connections will go to your Autelis device. The Red and Black connections may require a separate DC power supply of 9-12V, depending on your chlorinator model.

Connection to Network

Installation requires connection to your network router or switch which supports 10Base-T Ethernet. Connect the built-in ethernet port to your network device using the included cat-5 cable or a standard cat-5 networking cable of your choice. You may also use a wireless bridge or a Powerline network device to provide the network connection. The Pool Control device will obtain an IP address automatically via DHCP.

Connection to Power

Connect the included power adapter to the device and plug it into a standard wall outlet. When plugged in, the green LED on the ethernet port will blink for 5 seconds and then the device will boot normally.

Hardware Notes

Model XN200 - The unlabeled black RJ45 port and micro USB port on the device are not usable in this configuration. Please do not connect anything to these ports.

Web Interface

To access the web interface type 'http://poolcontrol' into your browser. This may not work with all routers and network configurations (see below hint). You can also type the IP address of the Pool Control device which can be found in your router interface by matching an IP address from the table with the MAC address printed on the bottom of the device or by using an IP scanner tool to search by MAC address. Log in using the username 'admin' and the default password 'admin'.

More Help: Find Your Device on Your Network

Windows Hint: In your network connection properties under TCP/IPv4 properties, click the advanced button. In the DNS tab, select "Append these DNS suffixes (in order)" and click add and enter "." (a single period with no quotes). This may allow you to use the poolcontrol name instead of an IP address.

System Information

This page displays basic system information.

Software Version
The software version of the Autelis Pool Control device. This information is not related to the Intellitouch® or EasyTouch® software version.
The current time value from the Autelis Pool Control device, adjusted for your computer's local time settings. This information is not related to the time kept by the Intellitouch® or EasyTouch® system.
Clicking this button will reboot the Autelis Pool Control device. It will not reboot the Intellitouch® or EasyTouch® system.
Clicking this button will reset all settings to factory defaults (including password) and reboot the device. It will not change any settings on or reboot the Intellitouch® or EasyTouch® system.


This page displays the current status and controls for up to 4 Intelliflo® pumps.

Each pump can be controlled remotely by selecting one of the 4 "External Control" program speeds. These speeds can be configured using the menu interface on the Intelliflo® pump. Please consult the Intelliflo® product manual for more information. The pump must be in "Run" or "Start" mode to accept these external commands. The pump's built in timers and schedules can still function independently from the external control features, however the external commands will override them. For Intelliflo VF, to disable the pump's built-in timers and schedules set the filter cycle to start and end at the same time.


This page displays the current status and controls for a chlorinator. Please note that pump #1 must be running for the chlorinator to be active.


This page allows you to change the admin password and other system settings. All text fields are limited to 15 characters or less.

House Address
Not Used

Advanced Settings

This hidden page allows you to change some advanced settings. To access it visit http://poolcontrol/advanced.htm

This is the value that will be sent to your E-Mail SMTP server to identify the connection. You should not need to change this setting under normal circumstances.
Static IP
If you need to define a static IP address for Pool Control, check this and fill in the settings below. Warning: If you set a static IP address the only way to reactivate DHCP is through this webpage so do not forget the IP address (XN200 can be factory reset to clear this setting). Uncheck to use DHCP to automatically obtain an IP.
IP Address
Set your static IP address.
Set your netmask.
Set your gateway.
Set your primary DNS server.
Set your secondary DNS server.
This value defines the port on which the web server operates. Warning: If you change the port the only way to reset it to default is through this webpage so do not forget the port. Set to 0 or 80 to use the default port. Note: If you use a port other than 80 (for example, 88) you will have to type http://poolcontrol:88 in your browser.


This page allows you to configure the alert settings including your email server and which alerts you wish to receive.

Please see: EMail Settings

The checkboxes select which events will cause an email alert to be sent.


This page allows you to set various reminders to help keep track of pool maintenance tasks.

The date the reminder was last reset is shown along with a timer which varies from 1-60 days.

Tasks that are past due are shown in red while tasks that are current are shown in green and inactive tasks are gray.

Reminder alerts are configured on the alerts page and once a reminder alert has been sent no additional alerts will be sent until the reminder is manually reset.


This page allows you to configure the variable speed pumps. IntelliFlo VF, VSF, and VS pumps are supported.

You can change settings for multiple pumps and when you are finished press the Save All button and all your changes will be saved.

Mobile Web App

Pool Control contains a built-in mobile web app which can be accessed from any browser including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

To launch the web app, visit http://poolcontrol/app.html or http://ip.address.here/app.html

Add it to your bookmarks or save it to your home screen for convenience.

Saving Password

The app allows you to save your password so that you do not need to log in every time you visit it. This is especially useful when adding the app to your home screen on iOS devices. To save your password, load the app and click on the settings button in the top right corner. Then click "Save Password". To clear your saved password, click "Clear Password".

Activating Equipment

To select a manual speed program, simply click on the name of the pump and a menu will appear. You should see the status change after a few seconds.

Emergency Factory Reset / Forgotten Password

In the event you have forgotten your password, you will need to factory reset your device.

Hardware Model XN200 - Use a pen tip to depress the reset button on the back of the device for 2 seconds until the lights on the ethernet port turn off, then immediately release.

Home Automation System Integration

HTTP Commands


You can retrieve the pump status information in XML format at http://poolcontrol/pumps.xml or http://device.ip.address/pumps.xml

The XML response will look like:


Pump fields will either return 3 or 5 comma separated status values, depending on the pump model. If a pump is not configured it will return an empty value. The possible values are [ Watts, RPM, Errors ] or [ Watts, RPM, GPM, Filter Percentage, Errors ]. A nonzero value for Errors indicates a pump error is present.

The prog field will return 4 comma separated values that represent the currently selected program for each pump (0=stop, 1-4 = program 1-4). A value will be returned for each pump even if the pump is not configured.

To activate and deactivate the manual speed programs use the following command:

http://poolcontrol/pump.cgi?num=1&val=0 or http://device.ip.address/pump.cgi?num=1&val=0
num=1 to 4 (pump number), val=0 to 4 (0=stop, 1-4 = program speeds)

These commands require a valid HTTP Basic Authorization header to be submitted with the command.


You can retrieve the chlorinator status information in XML format at http://poolcontrol/chem.xml or http://device.ip.address/chem.xml

The XML response will look like:


The fields are as follows:

chloren = 1 if enabled, 0 if disabled
poolsp = the chlorinator setpoint percentage (0-100, 101 for boost)
salt = the salt level, multiply by 50 to get PPM
chlorerr = chlorinator error bitflags (0 for no errors)
LSb to MSb [ "Check Flow/PCB","Low Salt","Very Low Salt","High Current","Clean Cell","Low Voltage","Water Temp Low","No Comm" ]

To enable and disable the chlorinator use the following command:

http://poolcontrol/chlor.cgi?en=1 or http://device.ip.address/chlor.cgi?en=1
en=0 or 1

To change the chlorinator setpoint use the following command:

http://poolcontrol/chlor.cgi?pool=50 or http://device.ip.address/chlor.cgi?pool=50
pool=0 to 100 or 101 for boost

These commands require a valid HTTP Basic Authorization header to be submitted with the command.

ISY/Vera Variables

Pool Control will push the following variables to ISY or Vera if enabled.

You must create the variables in the specified order.

Pump1 Watts
Pump1 RPM
Pump1 GPM
Pump1 Filter
Pump1 Errors
Pump2 Watts
Pump2 RPM
Pump2 GPM
Pump2 Filter
Pump2 Errors
Pump3 Watts
Pump3 RPM
Pump3 GPM
Pump3 Filter
Pump3 Errors
Pump4 Watts
Pump4 RPM
Pump4 GPM
Pump4 Filter
Pump4 Errors
Chlorinator Salt
Chlorinator Errors
Chlorinator Setpoint

More coming soon...

Compliance Information

Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

- Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
- Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
- Connect the equipment into an output on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.