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If you cannot access your device by typing its short name into your browser, you must access it by its IP address. You can normally find your device's IP address by logging into your router's interface, referencing the list of connected clients, and looking for the MAC address of your device. If you are having trouble locating your device on your network, please try the following program. It will scan your network for potential Autelis devices. You can also use a network scanner app such as Fing.

NOTE: If you are using a wireless bridge it is possible that your device will not be recognized by the scanner.

Once you have found your device on your network, you should reserve that IP for it so that you will always know its address. Click here for more information on DHCP Reservations.


Device Scanner


Press the Scan button to scan for devices. Potential matches will be listed by their IP address and MAC address. Select a device listing and click Show in Browser to launch the browser interface for your device.


This utility is provided in the Java jar executable format and will run on any operating system with the Java runtime. When downloading, please ensure that it is saved as .jar files. Some browsers will try to rename them to .zip. If this occurs, manually change the file extension back to .jar.

To run the utility, double click the file or right click and open with Java. If you are having trouble launching the program please reference JarFix for windows or search for "how to run Java jar files" on your platform.

Note: The Java runtime is available here: